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Video Library
4/20/11 NBC Affiliate WTVJ Channel 6 It Might Be the Little Engine That Could... Revolutionize Transportation
Progress of the Cyclone Mark V Engine
New video demonstrating Cyclone's improved and advanced Biomass-to-Power
System shot on 1/26/10. System is operating from Cyclone's Waste Heat Engine creating up to 10 kW of electrical power output from the combustion of wood pellets.

Cyclone's Waste Heat Engine series operates off many heat sources including commercial ovens, industrial flares and engine exhaust.  


Cyclone Mark V Initial Steam Test


Cyclone Mark V Combustion Chamber Test  


See the Cyclone Waste Heat Engine generating electricity from wood pellets. Video shot on 9/8/09 is narrated by Harry Schoell (inventor) and Allen Brown (chief engineer) giving the specifics of operation on this portable power plant. The WHE is capable of running on Biomass, Solar and Waste Heat of other engines.


Cyclone Power Technologies - Waste Heat Engine power generation tests. This External Heat Source simulation represents CLEAN POWER derived from the exhaust heat of a small industrial furnace. The WHE is a 18 Hp engine that will run a 10 Kw electrical power generator





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Cyclone's Mark II Engine Tests


Cyclone's Waste Heat Engine Tests



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8 minute narrated overview presentation Needs - Applications - Technical Information


The Progress of the Cyclone External Combustion Engine



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